Lighting control modules: Dali Dimming

Metro One Ten Six Dali

Individual addressable switching of ten outputs/luminaires with rapid plug-in connectivity for luminaires, sensors, switches, emergency light monitoring devices and buswire. Module accepts plug-in capsule for dimming upgrade.

Metro Dali Broadcast Module

Broadcasts commands to twelve Dali channels and contains pre-addressed ports which avoids the need to address ballasts after installation on site. Provides the benefits of Dali dimming and monitoring in areas where individual addressable control is not required.

Metro Dali Buswire Module

Open protocol, distributed intelligence plug-in, hard-wired buswire, broadcast and zero power modules to suit all Dali applications and minimise on-site addressing.

Metro Dali Zero Twelve Module

Provides individual addressable Dali control and monitoring of twelve luminaires without the need to address Dali ballasts on site.