Optegra Clinic Guildford, UK

An advanced Delmatic Dali system provides flexible and energy-efficient scene-setting control of lighting throughout Optegra’s new flagship Clinic. Optegra eye care is a state-of-the-art facility, and the award-winning hospital is fast becoming a world-renowned facility treating all manner of eye conditions from retinal conditions through to implants, plastic surgery and the very latest techniques for laser vision correction. The Delmatic system provides flexible scene-setting switching and dimming throughout the facility including all the consultation and treatment rooms and public areas. Scene set switches within consultation and treatment rooms enable lighting scenes to be selected to suit the use of the room or the procedures being undertaken while comprehensive integration with specialist ophthalmic equipment initiates custom scenes when equipment is activated: the system also controls solar shading and privacy window blinds. Medical applications require a minimum of two lighting circuits per room plus emergency and special two-circuit Dali plug-in modules were supplied for each room. The Delmatic system is fully addressable and configurable and combines automatic control with local control from wall switches, presence detectors, and scene-set switches.

Optegra Clinic Consultant: Cundall Contractor: Impact Size: 5,000 sq.m