Environment policy

As a leading supplier of energy-efficient lighting management systems, Delmatic are dedicated to saving clients’ energy – not only to achieve valuable cost savings but to reduce carbon emissions and preserve the future of our planet.

The Kyoto Protocol, Copenhagen Accord and UK Carbon Reduction Commitment focus the mind on the effects that energy-wastage can have on our planet, and encourage us all to concentrate our efforts on reducing unnecessary energy usage.

Delmatic seeks to provide clients with ever-more efficient ways to minimise energy usage in their buildings, not only through optimised control of lighting but also through integrated control of other energy-consuming services.

We seek excellence in every aspect of our business and are committed to minimising the environmental impacts and carbon footprint of our business operations.

In our designs and our manufacturing processes we seek to use materials which are not harmful in their creation nor in their disposal, and which may be recycled to reduce the need to utilise further scarce resources.

In our own working methods we adopt ISO9001: 2008 lean manufacturing to minimise waste, use technology to reduce dependence upon paper documentation, transport, storage, processing and disposal, and actively reduce, re-use and recycle paper and other materials.

We expect to have achieved certification in accordance with international Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001 by 2011 which, reflects systematic progress and a contribution towards improving our environment.

Our attention to detail and quality results in Delmatic systems achieving efficient, reliable operation over many years, while our unique lifetime guarantee means that systems can be upgraded to latest technology ten, twenty years after installation simply by inserting an intelligent capsule – retaining the original hardware, maximising re-use and minimising waste.