Lifetime Support

Delmatic regard project handover not as the end of a process but rather the start of a lifelong relationship with the client and their building.

We provide a comprehensive after-sales service including partnering with clients to continually re-evaluate system configuration and adjust operating parameters (presence detector time-outs, daylight-linking thresholds, dimming levels etc) to optimise ongoing energy and operational efficiency.

Delmatic have a dedicated team of maintenance engineers and support personnel, and offer various levels of system support and maintenance to clients ranging from scheduled system heath-checks and remote diagnostics to a complete system management package which includes online network monitoring, system optimisation and real-time reconfiguration to accord with space planning changes.

Delmatic have been designing and manufacturing switching and dimming equipment for fifty years and the use of sound engineering practices and high-quality materials has resulted in systems still in full working order decades after the original installation.

We believe that purchasing a control system is a buy-in to a long-term investment, and Delmatic offer all clients a guaranteed upgrade path from any generation of system to latest technology. Plug-in upgrade cards convert previous-generation systems into latest open-protocol addressable networks using plug-in equipment and without changes to the mains wiring installation or hardware – a highly sustainable approach to guarantee future-proofing.