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Saudi Arabia

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W: www.delmaticsaudi.com

Delmatic Saudi are leading suppliers of integrated lighting management solutions, and provide a one-stop shop for companies interested in the design and application of advanced lighting management and energy optimisation systems.

Our association with Saudi began in 1995 with the supply of a sophisticated switching and dimming system for the prestigious Apicorp Headquarters in Al Khobar: since that time we have continued to work with local and international consultants as well as local integrators on the design and supply of advanced, integrated lighting management systems for national projects.

Delmatic Saudi provide clients, consultants and designers with a depth and calibre of technical knowledge not available through commission agents or partners as well as unique experience in applying advanced lighting management systems to major projects.

We offer a comprehensive service, working with clients and consultants from the initial stages of concept design, through development of the scheme and preparation of system specifications and schematics, liaising with installers during construction and setting up periods, and handing-over a fully operational system to trained client personnel: we also provide a full range of after-sales support and on-line help.


The Power House

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United Kingdom
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