Dubai Festival City Dubai, UAE

Dubai Festival City is a landmark urban resort covering some 6.4 million square meters and comprising leisure, retail, hotel, and residential neighbourhoods. A Delmatic Dali lighting management system controls lighting within the 15 kilometers of tunnels which provide access to and across the site. Delmatic’s Dali controllers provide real-time, daylight-tracking dimming such that lighting levels within the tunnels are matched to external daylight levels and ensure a gradual transition between the harsh UAE sunlight and the tunnel interior. The tunnel lighting management system provides individual addressing, monitoring and dimming of every Dali luminaire as well as addressable switching of HID lighting such that lighting levels are graduated at the entrance and exits of each tunnel as well as through the length of the tunnels, and optimised to match the outside lighting levels. The Delmatic system utilises the site-wide IT backbone for communication across the vast site and IP Routers connect to the high-speed network avoiding the need for duplication of network cabling.

Dubai Festival City Consultant: Roberts and Partners Contractor: Kharafi