System Schematic


Delmatic lighting management systems transform physical lighting installations into virtual networks, managed and monitored through powerful graphical software.

The system architecture is based upon a modular network comprising lighting control modules, local control devices, network PC and routers.

Lighting Control Modules
Delmatic’s range of switching and dimming modules provides every degree of flexibility – from control of lighting circuits to switching and dimming of individual fittings – and enables all types of lighting sources to be controlled – 1-10V, DSI, Dali, tungsten, incandescent, HID. LED & DMX as well as small power, window-blinds and fan-coils. All modules incorporate distributed intelligence to ensure stand-alone functionality.

Where a high degree of flexibility is required, individual luminaires are plugged into ceiling-mounted modules or controlled by Dali modules communicating with individual luminaires along a shared Dali bus. In areas where flexibility is not a requirement, groups of luminaires or individual circuits are typically wired to outputs of a multi-circuit control module or a Dali broadcast module.

Local control devices
Local control devices include absence detectors, presence detectors, photocells, multisensors (combining presence detection and photocell control), infra-red transmitters, desktop controllers, switches and scene-set switches. Local devices connect to inputs at the lighting control modules or directly to the Lon and Dali buswires: IP telephone and PC web-browser control enable lighting to be locally switched and dimmed without the need to install local devices and may be used in conjunction with absence detection.

Network PC and routers
The system is centrally managed and monitored through graphical software running on a head-end or networked PC. Lighting switching and dimming arrangements are structured through Virtual Wiring graphical software and any changes associated with churn are achieved by “rewiring” through software and without access or disruption to the lighting installation.

IP Routers optimise the transmission of data between the PC and the lighting control modules while integration with the IT system enables remote internet/intranet access and communication of critical data to mobile and WAP devices.    

Delmatic systems provide scene-setting switching and dimming of analogue 1-10V, DSI, Dali, tungsten/incandescent, LED and DMX sources. User interfaces include scene-set switches, LCD control panels, hand-held and desk-top transmitters while integration with AV systems enables combined control of audio-visual and lighting functions from AV touchpanels.

Lon neighbourhood
The Delmatic network represents a neighbourhood where any Lon building services device can connect for seamless, interoperable control. Lighting can respond to signals from access-control and fire systems, and window blinds and HVAC devices can respond to presence, daylight and temperature data monitored by the Delmatic system.

Protocols and interfaces
Delmatic support all major lighting technologies including 1-10V analogue dimming, DSI digital dimming, DALI digital dimming, phase-dimming and DMX: Delmatic also support all major building communication technologies including Lon, KNX, OPC and BacNET, and offers full TCP/IP connectivity.