Internet Protocol (IP) has rapidly become the standard for PC and data communications. IP networks link the world and the internet enables remote access and connectivity from anywhere to everywhere. Yet this high-speed framework need not be exclusive to IT – the same network can be beneficially shared by the building services systems.

Delmatic offer a range of IP products including IP Routers which transmit lighting management data across the fibre-optic, Ethernet or WiFi infrastructure, IP Telephony which allows user control of lighting and other services through the ‘phone network, IP Browser which enables user control of lighting and other services through web-browsers, and IP Control Modules for switching and dimming lighting.

Ethernet networks require star wiring with a dedicated cable to each device as well as segregation from mains cabling so most projects combine IP with Lon and Dali technology. The speed of IP communication coupled with the high-speed Lon protocol creates highly scalable solutions with data transmission speeds to suit the largest international projects.

IP is the language of the Internet, and Delmatic IP hardware facilitates remote access across a building or site-wide network, via web browser across the intranet, as well as relaying system data and alerts to WAP and mobile devices.

IP Network Status System

Delmatic’s unique IP Network Status System remotely monitors entire building networks and alerts in-house or mobile staff to problems before they occur. Analysis of bandwidth and network traffic enables potential communication issues to be instantly highlighted while hardware monitoring flags units that are off-line or non-functioning.

Delmatic have equipped major international projects with IP networked systems and examples include:

Project Inspire

JAFZA Convention Centre
Jebel Ali

Capital Tower