Product category range

Lighting control modules

For every type of light source - including fluorescent, 0-10V, DSI, Dali, tungsten, LED, DMX and metal halide - and every degree of flexibility

DALI devices

A range of Dali controllers and devices for all applications and installations

Local Control Devices

Empower individuals with control of their lighting environment

Scene setting

Comprehensive scene-setting and mood management controls

IP telephony control

Switching and dimming of lighting through the IP telephone network

Web browser control

Switching and dimming of lighting through desktop web browsers

Desktop Controller

Multi-function devices for individual control of lighting, scenes, temperature, blinds and other services

Network PC

Powerful management and monitoring of the lighting installation

Software and graphics

Real-time monitoring and management of lighting with graphical drag-and-drop configuration


Optimise high-speed routing of data across the network


Stylish multi-function control screens

metro products
from Delmatic

Metro is the brand name for Delmatic’s latest range of addressable systems and reflects the use of systems in urban environments providing reliable and high-speed communication across a network of controlled points. Delmatic Metro systems are installed in leading international projects, achieving energy-efficiency, ensuring sustainability, and providing clients with flexible and future-proof installations.