Dali devices

Metro Sensors and Multisensors
163B1 / 164B1

Sensors maximise energy-efficiency by relating lighting to occupation and the mount of daylight contribution.

Metro Dali Switch Interfaces

Converts standard momentary-action switch into an intelligent addressable device enabling the plate finish of intelligent switches to match those of other electrical accessories.

Metro Microwave Sensor & Microwave Multisensor
165M1 & 166M1

Microwave sensors are typically used in corridors and storage applications and provide an extended detection field of up to 30m. Sensors can connect to plug-in or hard-wired modules as well as to the Dali bus.

Metro Dali One Relay

The Dali One Relay provides addressable control of non-Dali light sources and other devices such as fan-coils, blinds etc within a Dali environment.

Metro Dali emergency test and monitoring unit

Controls emergency luminaire inverter packs and initiates tests of emergency lighting as well as measuring the performance of emergency lamps: data is passed along the Dali bus for logging and analysis on the graphical software.