Local control devices

Metro Sensors and Multisensors
163B1 / 164B1

Sensors maximise energy-efficiency by relating lighting to occupation and the mount of daylight contribution.

Metro Dali Switch Interfaces

Converts standard momentary-action switch into an intelligent addressable device enabling the plate finish of intelligent switches to match those of other electrical accessories.

Metro Microwave Sensor & Microwave Multisensor
165M1 & 166M1

Microwave sensors are typically used in corridors and storage applications and provide an extended detection field of up to 30m. Sensors can connect to plug-in or hard-wired modules as well as to the Dali bus.

Metro Infra-Red Transmitter

The infra-red transmitter sends scene commands to a scene-set panel (with integral infra-red receiver) and/or to a ceiling-mounted multisensor.

Metro Touchpad

The Metro touchpad enables user control and adjustment of multiple services including lighting, window blinds & room temperature set-point: an integral sensor measures the ambient room temperature at desk level avoiding the need for wall-mounted sensors.

Metro Dali Scene-set switch

Provides control of five lighting scenes plus master raise and lower control and connects direct to Dali Modules.

Metro Touchpanel

The touchpanel provides user control and adjustment of lighting and other services via a stunning glass touchpanel user interface.