JAFZA Convention Centre Jebel Ali, UAE


The Delmatic system at JAFZA’s “next generation” Convention Centre in Dubai provides Dali control throughout the 73,000 sq.m complex with routing of data across an integrated IP network.

Delmatic offer a wide range of Dali controllers and the project uses a selection of modules which suit the degree of flexibility and installation requirements within specific areas of the complex. Within tenant office areas, ten-port plug-in Dali modules provide rapid plug-in connectivity and full Dali flexibility without the need to address ballasts: Dali lighting in core and circulation routes is controlled by Dali broadcast modules which also avoid the need to individually address ballasts by controlling up to 240 ballasts in up to twelve channels. Dali buswire modules within parking zones provide addressable control of Dali ballasts along a shared buswire. The system incorporates total Dali connectivity and Dali presence detectors, Dali multisensors, and Dali switches throughout the site connect directly to the network Dali bus cable.

The Delmatic system forms part of the CISCO Connected Real Estate IP Network - a converged IP infrastructure which merges IT with twenty building services systems and acts as the fourth “information utility” within the building.

The Delmatic network hardware transmits lighting management data across the IT/Ethernet network as well as via the GPRS & WiFi infrastructure allowing remote monitoring and control as well as transmitting monitored data and alerts direct to WAP and mobile devices.

JAFZA Convention Centre
Architect: Arenco Architects
Consultant: Arenco Engineers
Contractor: ETA
Size: 73,000 sq.m