200 Aldersgate London, UK


200 Aldersgate was originally equipped with a Delmatic system when the building was constructed in 1992 and a new Delmatic system was installed during the total refurbishment of the building during 2009.

The 41,000 sq.m is a new world-class centre for business in the heart of London and the state-of-the-art offices have panoramic views of St. Paul's Cathedral and the River Thames.

The Delmatic system provides Dali control throughout the tenanted office areas with presence detection across all floors, daylight-linking in perimeter zones and integrated control of the landlord’s shell and core areas.

The system provides a totally flexible solution which is expandable and customisable by incoming tenants. Individual addressing of luminaires makes it easy and cost-effective for tenants to reconfigure the lighting to suit their needs and the modular system enables tenants to enhance the level of control by including telephone or web browser control and scene-setting for meeting and conference rooms.

All changes to system configuration are carried out through graphical head end software, which also displays the active status of lighting, information on luminaire run times, relamping schedules etc.

The system incorporates comprehensive emergency lighting testing and monitoring: tests of emergency lighting are automatically scheduled and actioned by the system and the pass/fail performance of every emergency pack and lamp logged and displayed at the head-end PC.

200 Aldersgate
Architect: Fitzroy Robinson (1990)
Consultant: Roger Preston and Partners
Contractor: Hills Building Services
Size: 41,000 sq.m