HSBC Headquarters London, UK


HSBC's World Headquarters at Canary Wharf is the international headquarters for HSBC Holdings plc, the world's second largest bank by market value. The 102,000 sq.m, 45-storey development houses around 8,000 staff and contains some of the largest capital and equities trading floors in Europe.

The Delmatic lighting management system includes almost 4,000 lighting control modules which provide some 90,000 addressed points making the addressable system the largest single installation of its kind in Europe.

The system includes IP telephone control for individual users throughout the office areas and combines addressable switching, analogue dimming, digital dimming, presence detection, and scene-setting as well as context-sensitive dimming of the sky-level signage.

The system includes comprehensive graphical software which displays the active status of every luminaire, monitors lamp hours run and logs energy consumption on a departmental basis so that individual cost-centres can be charged for their portion of total energy usage.

HSBC Headquarters
Architect: Foster and Partners
Consultant: Arup
Contractor: PIP
Size: 102,000 sq.m