107 Cheapside London, UK


Delmatic has supplied a highly energy-efficient and responsive lighting management system for 107 Cheapside, a 1950s office block which was innovatively remodelled in 2008 to provide start-of-the-art accommodation across ten floors.

The flexible DSI system incorporates multisensors throughout office areas to control the lighting in relation to light levels and occupancy, and also includes comprehensive emergency light testing, monitoring and logging.

The system uses an open Lon protocol to enable tenants to add other features such IP telephony or web browser control – or to integrate other services with the lighting controls network.

The system is managed and monitored through graphical head-end software which displays the active status of the lighting. Any changes to the configuration of the lighting or the sensors are also made through the software. Consequently, the software enables lighting groupings to be configured to suit partitioning and open-plan zoning as well as enabling tenants to adjust lighting levels to suit their individual preferences and use of the space.

The complete emergency lighting installation is tested, managed and monitored by the Delmatic system in accordance with BS EN 50172. Intelligent photocells monitor the performance of every emergency lamp and transmit pass/fail data to the head-end PC for action by maintenance staff.

107 Cheapside
Architect: John Robertson Architects (2008 renovation of 1956 building)
Consultant: Roger Preston & Partners
Contractor: Lorne Stewart
Size: 20,000 sq.m