Tower 42 London, UK


A Delmatic system manages and monitors lighting throughout Tower 42.

Constructed in the late 1970s the tower was, for many years, the tallest building in the city of London and the tallest cantilevered building in the world.

Delmatic have been associated with the project since its earliest days and the latest hardware represents the third generation of Delmatic controls within the project.

A Delmatic lighting control system was installed when the building was first constructed in the 1970s while a new Delmatic computer addressable lighting management system was installed as part of the refurbishment of the tower following the Bishopsgate bombing in 1993.  Now, almost twenty years on, a rolling upgrade is converting the proprietary controls of the 1990s into the latest open protocol digital controls – all through the use of plug-in upgrade cards.

The networked system provides totally flexible addressable control of office lighting throughout the tenanted office floors coupled with switching of lighting circuits in the shell and core and public areas.  Virtual wiring software enables office tenants to configure switching and dimming arrangements to suit their office layouts as well as customise their domain through the addition of infra-red devices, sensors, scene-setting, IP telephone & web-browser control.

NatWest Tower / Tower 42
Architect R Seifert & Partners (1980)
GMW (1993)
Consultant Troup Bywater & Anders
Size: 30,000 sq.m